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Project Summary

Installation instructions

Just follow these steps:

  1. GRUB

    In order to boot the Gemini Nucleus you must have GRUB. The latest GRUB binaries and source code are available from the GRUB homepage. To compile GRUB, please consult the documention that comes with the sources.

  2. GRUB bootdisk

    Copy the grub binaries onto an empty floppy disk. In Linux use:

    	dd if="stage1" of="/dev/fd0" bs=512 count=1
    	dd if="stage2" of="/dev/fd0" bs=512 seek=1
    In DOS you can use (I haven't tested this):
    	copy /b stage1+stage2 boot.img
    	rawrite boot.img a:
    The utility rawrite.exe is available from many websites. Label this disk GRUB bootdisk.

    Also copy the GRUB binaries stage1 and stage2 onto a second FAT formatted floppy disk. Label this second floppy Gemini bootdisk.

  3. Gemini Nucleus

    Check out the Gemini Nucleus source code from the CVS. Follow the instructions that are included with the sources to compile it. Copy the resulting binary file nucleus onto the Gemini bootdisk.

  4. Boot menu

    Create a text file called menu.lst and enter the following information:

    	# Sample boot menu configuration file
    	# Boot automatically after 5 secs.
    	# By default, boot the first entry.
    	# Boot kernel called nucleus
    	title=Gemini Nucleus
    Copy the menu.lst onto the Gemini bootdisk.

  5. Finishing the Gemini bootdisk

    Reboot your PC with the GRUB bootdisk. When the GRUB prompt appears, remove the GRUB bootdisk and insert the Gemini bootdisk. At the prompt type:

    	grub root = (fd0)
    	grub install = /stage1 (fd0) /stage2 0x8000 p /menu.lst

  6. Booting the Gemini Nucleus

    Now, just reboot your PC with the Gemini bootdisk. When you build a new version of the Gemini Nucleus you only need to copy the file nucleus onto the Gemini bootdisk to be able to boot it.

    Optionally you can also put the demo initializer on the boot disk. Just copy the file init to the boot disk and add this line to the menu.lst: